• Amanda Doven

    Upscale Independent Companion

    Amanda Doven


These are my turn off’s.

Please to ensure a great time between us… Don’t do these things.

  1. No colognes or scents. I have a sensitivity to scents
  2. Ungroomed and NOT freshly showered people…. pay extra attention to private areas (I have a shower avail. Please use it)
  3. No calling or texting after 11pm unless you are trying to book at the time.
  4. Negotiating my donations. This is an absolute No No. Don’t do it.
  5. Don’t ask for BB anything It’s not something I’d ever do with anyone….especially someone I don’t know
  6. Asking for my menu … I’m not a drive thru restaurant.
  7. What services do I do … I’m not a robot YMMV.
  8. Discussing services could lead to problems neither of us needs.

If I say No, Don’t try to manipulate or convince me into doing “said” thing I don’t want to do. After once, it’s extremely annoying & huge turn off.

Please DO these things!

Doing these things gets us off to an amazing time.

Please put my gift/Donation on the counter upon arrival… it’s never sexy to have to ask for it.

 Be well groomed and polite always respectful and generous.

Shower is available for you to use. I have mouthwash, shower gel & fresh towels avail

It’s always more fun when we’re both fresh I shower within 20 minutes of you arriving at my place …..always


Please NO cologne or scents. As I have scent allergies

In case you were at work and your wearing cologne. Don’t worry you can shower here to get rid of the scent.